Alice Spieser

My name is Alice Spieser, I obtain in 2014 my diploma in industrial design in the ECAL (Cantonal School of Art of Lausanne) with a faucet named " The fountain " . This project of dipôme allowed me to participate in Dyson Award.


I then realized an training course of 6 months in the studio of interior design in Annecy, "Between walls", established by Angèle Vuillet.


I chain the second training course of 6 months to young a hour (Young a hour ¦ Park and Cube) " the engineering consulting firm buissonières " of the PETIT H (Hermes Paris), orchestrated by Pascale Mussard.


It is there that, surrounded with noble materials, audacious talented and creative architects, I meet Romy and Ilya, the founders of "studio roof", who creates leather unique pieces (parts,plays) for Hermes, PETIT H.

It is real artistic and professional love at first sight. It is decided, I shall continue my training post-studies in Amsterdam, in the roof studio.


Studio ROOF gave of the nobility to a quite simple material : the cardboard! The wonderful drawings of Ilya take life under forms of cardboard objects painted to rise oneself. The main inspiration remains the nature, as well as shows of it their slogan: " run(roam) through forests, gallop through fields: leave your free imagination and play! ".


So since January, 2015 I play an active role in all the projects of creation and promotion of studio ROOF.
I also work on my personal projects DAMDAM studio in Holland, France and Switzerland(Swiss).
I have just just established my own

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