General terms and conditions of sale

PRICES: The prices of the collections are drawn up for the period from 1 January to 31 December; they may be modified at any time to reflect changes in the prices of raw materials.


PAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By accepted draft, electronic bill of exchange, cheque or bank transfer. Our invoices are payable to Leos Créations.

First order: payment on receipt of pro forma invoice with no discount.

Subsequent orders: payment in accordance with the terms and conditions defined when opening an account or in compliance with approved offers.

Cash with order: for specifically commissioned orders.

Opening of an order line of credit of €2000 excluding tax for deferred payments. Any amount larger than this will be subject to special negotiation.

Any delay in payment shall result in the automatic payment of late payment interest at one and a half times the official interest rate. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel commercial relations, to the exclusion of any recourse.

Since January 2013 a fixed allowance in addition to deferred payments is fixed at 40 EURO.


RETENTION OF TITLE, RESCISSION OF SALE: The goods supplied remain the property of the company ASBOIS until they have been paid for in full. On delivery of the goods, the customer undertakes to observe this clause in compliance with French law 80335 of 12 May 1980. The customer must insure the goods until they have been paid for in full. In the event of non-payment, and 8 days after formal notice sent by registered letter with return receipt request has elicited no response, the seller reserves the right to claim rescission of the sale, recover the goods in question and retain any deposits as damages. In the event of damage to, destruction or disappearance of goods not yet paid for, the seller shall automatically assume ownership of the insurance claims subrogated to the goods outstanding.


DELIVERY TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Every delivery off EEC is taken care by the customer, freight costs and initiatives of shipping on our warehouse inclusive.

For Intra EEC orders the freight costs t are chargeable to the customer, we deal with shipping initiatives . We work under incoterm EX-W

The addressee assumes all risks for the goods shipped and shall make any necessary reservations to the carrier regarding the quality and quantity of parcels received. If parcel is damage at arrival, you have to to make reserves with the carrier, on the delivery note, attention to be correctly handled , these reserves must be characterized (picture board below). Points required above need to be treated with the biggest care, of this rigor will depend the coverage by carrier insurance. They shall be entered on the carrier's delivery slip in the form of a reservation and confirmed within 48 hours by registered letter.


The goods travelling at the risks and the dangers of the addressee, ASBOIS can't be kept on no account for person in charge of the caused damages. The replacement of the damaged goods can be made only if the conditions evoked above are strictly applied. IF such was not the case we would be in the obligation to charge all items of replacement. Any partial delivery is the object of invoicng payable on the agreed terms and conditions.


DELIVERY DATE: The delivery date is given by our sales department for information purposes only and in good faith. Failure to comply with this date excludes any recourse to damages from ASBOIS.It is not AS BOIS’ responsabilities.


RETURN OF GOODS: No goods can be returned without our prior agreement. In the event of a return for which the company ASBOIS cannot be held liable and after acceptance and inspection of the returned goods, a credit note shall be issued based on the invoiced price, minus collection charges (15% of the pre-tax value). Please remember that the sender assumes all risks for the goods shipped.


DISPUTES: The commercial court in Lons-le-Saunier has sole competence to settle any litigation. Our drafts and acceptances shall not exempt the other party from this jurisdiction clause. Placing an order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The items produced: Wood is a living material; variations in colour and structure and the presence of knots are signs of authenticity that shall not constitute the basis for a claim.




On receipt of parcels, we recommend that you check the condition and number of parcels in the presence of the driver.

The different scenarios resulting in notification of a reservation:


Observation Action required Comments required

Parcel or pallet

wet, damaged,

impact marks


Open the parcel and check the condition

of the goods


State whether the contents are damaged

or intact and describe the damage


Parcel open


Check the quantity in the

parcel against the

delivery slip


If the quantity is incorrect,

specify what is missing; if correct,

write "open but nothing missing"


Parcel missing


Check what is missing

against the delivery slip


If the missing parcel has been noticed after unpacking a film-wrapped pallet, write "missing in a film-wrapped pallet", the term film-wrapped palette being specified beforehand on the carrier's slip




Reservations: must be specific, justified and significant and noted on the delivery statement (receipt), then confirmed to the carrier that made the delivery by registered letter within 3 days from the delivery date (not including Sundays and holidays).


They must constitute the equivalent of a photograph of the goods. Reservations notified of a general nature which do not state the nature of the damage and its significance are insufficient, for example "subject to", "damage to be checked", "subject to reservation", "impact marks", "damaged", "parcel open", etc.


We request that you comply with these instructions,

as insurance cover of damage depends on it.


Please remember that the addressee assumes all risks for the goods shipped.

Compliance with these simple instructions prevents many cases of litigation.


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Quality made ​​in Jura.
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