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Woodstuck - Lot de 3
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These funny small animals are going to bewitch you, playful, nice, they will have the face that you will be willing to give them, a giraffe, an elephant, a hedgehog, a spade for pencils? Let your imagination and the one of the children do the work, the stroll in forest to collect twigs necessary for the assembly. A simply brilliant idea, signed by the designer Alice Spieser, we rediscover the game, we go out of the "digital technology" to return to the material! Sold by prize of 3 in 3 sizes, possibility of purchase one by one to come, do not hesitate to ask us, wood beech

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Long model : Length 23cm Height 2 cm
Round model : Length 7cm Height 3.5 cm 
Square model : Length : 13 cm Height : 4 cm

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Quality made ​​in Jura.
A cosmetic product,
Functional and respectful
of the environment.